Magical Towns

Nine unforgettable Magical Towns. Ancient towns, towns in the mountains and one at the foot of a volcano, towns full of mysticism, artisanal towns, towns surrounded by infinite greenspace and traditional towns. Discover the magic of Puebla in each one of them.


Talavera, the indigenous art and the meeting of two worlds.

This ancient indigenous capital, guarded by the Popocatépetl volcano, is in fact two cities, San Pedro and San Andrés; the seat of the largest pyramid in Mesoamerica; with almost a million cubic meters, experts say that it is bigger than that of Giza

Walk through the tunnels of the Great Pyramid, breathe the pre-Hispanic air thatlives on in the environment as you journey through a tiny fraction of this great construction.

Xicotepec de Juarez

Ancestral rituals against green backdrop of the Sierra.

Xicotepec is the destination for an ideal getaway where you can enjoy the traditions in the heart of nature. This Magical Town has the honor of having been the capital of the Mexican Republic for three days in 1920.

Contemplate the panorama from the viewpoint of the monumental Virgen de Guadalupe.


The garden of the Sierra Poblana

Tlatlauquitepec is nature in its purest form, located in the Sierra Norte de Puebla.

Visit the magnificent Ex-convent of Santa María de la Asunción, a real gem which is over 500 years old.


Endless nature in the Sierra Norte

Huauchinango is the ideal place for adventure tourism and nature; it is surrounded by high hills, rivers that descend into large waterfalls and deep ravines.

Be part of the Tenango Flower Fair, which is celebrated in honor of the Lord of the Holy Burial and that fills the streets of this town with perfume, huapango and traditional dances


Mysticism in the Sierra Mágica

Arriving in Pahuatlán is like traveling back through time; this region, surrounded by valleys and ravines, has managed to keep intact their lifestyles and traditions over the centuries.

Learn the ancestral technique of amate paper in San Pablito.


The Magical Town of Christmas

Picturesque at every turn, Chignahuapan is a canvas with the brightest colors making this Magical Town the liveliest and most vibrant in Mexico.

Decorate your house this Christmas with the great, colorfulspheres that can only be found in Chignahuapan.


Thousands of colors in movement. Flowers, springs and ancestral dances under the volcano.

Sheltered by the Popocatépetl volcano, Atlixco "The city of flowers" boasts the best climate in the world.

Participate in the great festival of Huey Atlixcayotl, with traditional dances from all over Puebla, such as quetzals or birdmen.


The place where time stops and gravity is challenged.

At the top of the Barranca de los Jilgueros, Zacatlán offers to both locals and visitors one of the best views of the Sierra Poblana, surrounded by forests, fog and rocks that defy gravity, making your visit an extraordinary experience.

Go horseriding in the Valle de Piedras Encimadas.

Cuetzalan del Progreso

The heart of the Sierra.

Between deep gorges and exuberant vegetation lies Cuetzalan, a magical town that over the years has conserved with great vigor the indigenous traditions that make it unique in the region.

Enter the underworld through the fascinating caves around Cuetzalan.