Northeast Mountain


The small indigenous population of Jonotla, near Cuetzalan, has one of the most spectacular natural viewpoints of the Sierra. Its location in the middle of nature makes it an ideal destination for all kinds of activities, such as swimming in the Apulco river. On October 22 there is a bustling Festival that commemorates the appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe in El Peñón.


“Place next to the hill full of hail.”

Teziutlán is located in the northwest part of the State of Puebla, in the Northeast Region. Its name comes from Nahuas roots and means. In the Teziutlán Center you canadmire the cathedral church dating from 1552, as well as the roundhouse of illustrious figures, an architectural work that gathers together all the illustrious figures of Teziutlan. You can also visit the old railway station which is a historical monument in Teziutlan; it was a gift from General Porfirio Diaz. Also, enjoy natural attractions such as the cloud forest, the wachful hill or the enchanted waterfall.


Located at 139 km from Puebla, Xochiapulco offers an excellent natural landscape with its imposing waterfall La Gloria approximately 30 meters high. This municipality also features the national monument of Las Trincheras, which was built in 1854 for the purpose of making a fortress and defending the dignity of the people and national sovereignty before the conservative clergy that served the Austro-Belgian Empire, commanded by the French army that sought the submission of the soldiers of Xochiapulco to then seize the forts of Loretoy Guadalupe in the city of Puebla and thus reestablish the empire in the capital of the Mexican Republic.

Xochitlan de Vicente Suárez



To the north lies the municipality of Zoquiapan, to the east Nauzontla, to the south Xochiapulco and to the west Huitzilan and Zapotitlán de Méndez.


This mountain village, located on the road that climbs from Puebla to Cuetzalan, has a pleasant center for walking. In the main square, there are large archways, a well-kept garden with a monument to the 400 Indigens that this town sent to the battle of Cinco de Mayo and two temples, of which the parish of San Pedro Apóstol stands out. One block away, there is a lively market. The natural environment is very popular due to its landscapes and waterfalls, especially La Olla and La Gloria.

Zapotitlan de Mendez

Located in the heart of the Sierra, on the picturesque northern transerrana highway, is this remote town surrounded by coffee plantations and waterfalls, such as the Cruz de Agua. Its population is mainly Totonac, and in their festivities the huapango sounds and traditional dances are performed. In the center highlights the, but its main attraction is its spectacularity and beauty.


The garden of the Sierra Poblana

Tlatlauquitepec is nature in its purest form, located in the Sierra Norte de Puebla.

Visit the magnificent Ex-convent of Santa María de la Asunción, a real gem which is over 500 years old.

Cuetzalan del Progreso

The heart of the Sierra.

Between deep gorges and exuberant vegetation lies Cuetzalan, a magical town that over the years has conserved with great vigor the indigenous traditions that make it unique in the region.

Enter the underworld through the fascinating caves around Cuetzalan.