Sierra Magic

Find your oasis in the Sierra Magic Puebla, just two hours from Mexico City. A natural oasis of forests, canyons, springs and waterfalls. Also an oasis of traditions, festivals and customs that are kept alive in six Magical Towns.


Located 150 km from the city of Puebla, the municipality of Ahuacatlán is distinguished by its beautiful natural landscapes, where the Akuaticpak waterfall stands out.


Located 158 km from Puebla, this municipality houses a baroque construction from the 16th Century, built in 1865, this parish is dedicated to San Nicolás de Tolentino. It was constructed in 1865.



Located on the transerrana highway that connects Chignahuapan with Tétela de Ocampo, the small mountain town of Aquixtla is a curious stop along the way. It is worth visiting the Parish of San Juan Evangelista, decorated with Talavera, taking a walk under the archways of the Municipal Palace and finding surprisingly painted facades. In the immediate vicinity, you can enjoy nature at the El Salto de Tepexcanal and Popocaya waterfalls.

Francisco Z. Mena

In 1910 it was constituted as a free municipality with the name of Francisco Z. Mena, in honor of the distinguished General - originally from León, Guanajuato - who fought against the French in three battles for the national defense in Puebla: May 5, 1862, March 17, 1863 and April 2, 1867.


184 km from Puebla, Honey -also called Chila Honey- offers unique scenery with its blue pools which have the peculiarity that there are minerals in the soil that change the color of the water and the earth that surrounds them; as well as the splendid waterfalls of this municipality.


Immersed in the Sierra Norte, 101 km from Puebla, there is a 16th century Franciscan convent. The Ex-convent of San Francisco Ixtacamaxtitlán was built in 1542 during the Spanish conquest.

Juan Galindo

Located in the Sierra Norte of the state of Puebla, 187 km from the capital city. The municipality is renowned for the Necaxa Dam, which began operating in 1905. About 2 km from a viewpoint, after its curtain of water, you can also see the gorge where the powerhouse is located.




At 199.5 km from Puebla there is an excellent place to observe the landscape of the Sierra. Naupan offers beautiful views and natural attractions, such as the caverns of Uankax and the caves of Tempach and Citlalá.

Tetela de Ocampo

Tetela de Ocampo is located on the interserrana highway that connects Chignahuapan with Zacapoaxtla. Located at the top of a hill, the views from its viewpoints over the Sierra, such as that of the Church of the Assumption, are spectacular.


Located 178.8 km from the capital of Puebla, this municipality stands out for its delicious coffee and incomparable views of the typical landscape of the Sierra Norte of the state. You can also enjoy the tranquility and calm that is breathed here.