Tehuacán and Sierra Negra

Tlacotepec de Benito Juarez

Tlacotepec, "place in the middle of hills or in the middle of the hill", is located between the cities of Tehuacán and Tecamachalco, and 80 km from the city of Puebla.


Yehualtepec, Xochitlán Todos Santos and Palmar de Bravo to the north, Juan N. Méndez and Tepanco de López to the south, Palmar de Bravo, Cañada Morelos and Chapulco to the east and Xochitlán Todos Santos and Juan N. Méndez to the west.





Zapotitlan Salinas

To the south of Tehuacán, in the middle of the Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Biosphere Reserve, is Zapotitlán Salinas. In this desert territory with its unique beauty, dominated by cacti, there are some of the Salt marshes that the ancient inhabitants already exploited. In one of the cellars, the Buried Chapel was built. The reserve can be visited under the guidance of the local communities, who manage the Helia Bravo Hollis Community Botanical Garden, with paths between cacti and tourist services.


Reserve of life, fossils, corn, minerals and water.

The peaceful city of Tehuacán is the capital of a valley rich in history both human and natural. Inhabited for more than 8 thousand years, the oldest fossils of corn have been discovered here, the crop that allowed man to settle and Mesoamerican cultures to flourish. The Camino Real passed through here and the city was born and the convents, churches, markets, squares were founded.

Visit the Mineralogy Museum, unique in Latin America, with more than 10,000 minerals, fossils and meteorites.