Museo de sitio de la zona arqueológica de Ndachjian Tehuacan



Museo de sitio de la zona arqueológica de Ndachjian Tehuacan

The purpose of this museum is to make accessible to a broad public basic aspects of archaeological knowledge about the city of Ndachjian, the most important cult center and political head of the Tehuacán Valley during the Mesoamerican post-Classic period, and whose ethnic affiliation was Nguiwa or Popoloca.

For this purpose, an archaeological selection of particular relevance for the understanding of the cultural development of the ceremonial complex is presented in an area of ​​400 m2. It is divided into three thematic sections: architecture, religious life and cultural and commercial contacts.

In the first section, general information is provided to understand the architectural planning and religious symbolism of the city through certificates, plans and 3D animations displayed on tablets and video.

The second section shows general aspects of the religious cult practiced in the city with a selection of 50 archaeological pieces that include monumental stone sculptures, decorated clay sculptures, vessels, figurines and lithics. The cosmogonic deities stand out, as doesthe codex type decoration of the figures.

In the third section there are 35 pieces that show the local ceramic production and import objects that mark the trade and exchange routes of the city. These routes go from the central valleys of Oaxaca to the highlands and from the Gulf of Mexico to the Puebla Tlaxcala region.


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Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.