Capilla de la Purísima Concepción


Cuetzalan del Progreso

Capilla de la Purísima Concepción

The site where this Chapel is located, better known as La Conchita, was called Zacatipan and it was characterized as the exit of the old road that led to the town of San Andrés Tzicuilan; on the verge of this access, in the 1880s, Don José María Gutiérrez began to build a house, which was subsequently transformed under his auspices at the school of La Soledad, which would function until his death.

The marriage of Don Juan N. Villa and Doña Felipa Flores, had his house just next to what is now the chapel, and the couple ordered it to be built; the authorization for its construction dates from September 1880.

This temple had to be completed in a short time, since by 1913 the respective licenses had been granted by the archbishopric of Puebla.

At the entrance to the chapel the inscription that reads: "Dedicated to the memory of Don Juan N. Villa and Mrs. Felipa Flores who paid for the construction of this chapel is still preserved, although somewhat deteriorated."

The location of the chapel has the south-north direction, and was built facing its façade to the north-east corner of the old Colegio de la Soledad, ignoring, somewhat unfortunately, the master masons who built it, or who carried out the planning. The entrance is an ogival door, and in its upper part there is a window of the same type with two raised lateral crosses, above them and also in relief boasts the archbishop's shield.


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